The PLE Conference 2012 – Papers

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– Using SymbalooEDU as a PLE Organizer in Higher Education;

– Building Identity in an Institutionally Supported Personal Learning Environment – the case of SAPO Campus;

– Steps to Reflect on the Personal Learning Environment. Improving the Learning Process?

– Introducing Personal Learning Environments to Informal Learners: Lessons Learned from the OpenLearn Case Study;

– Developing Work based Personal Learning Environments in Small and Medium Enterprises;

– Enhancing Self Regulated Learning Skills for Improved PLE Use: A Problem Based Learning Approach;

– Sapo Campus Schools as a Disruptive Innovation Tool: Could it be the Educational Ba?

– Pedagogical Practices, Personal Learning Environments and the Future of eLearning;

– The Impact of Culture on Personalization of Learning Environments: Some Theoretical Insights;

– Psychological Ownership and Personal Learning Environments: Do sense of ownership and control really matter? 
– PLE-based ePortfolios: Towards Empowering Student Teachers’ PLEs through ePortfolio Processes;

– Analysis of Personal Learning Networks in Support of Teachers Presence Optimization;

– Future Teachers Looking for their PLEs: the Personalized Learning Process Behind it all;

– “Tips for Making a Movie”, a Learning Object for Autonomous Learning;

– First Time Building of a PLE in an ICT Post Graduation Course: Main Functions and Tools;

– Building Personal Learning Networks through Event- Based Social Media: a Case Study of the SMiLE Project;

– Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Marketplace;

– Just4me: Functional Requirements to Support Informal Self-directed Learning in a Personal Ubiquitous Environment;

– Building a Shared Personal Learning Environment with SAPO Campus;

– Drupal as a Social Hub for Personal Learning;

– Designing and Implementing PLEs in a Secondary School Using Web2.0 Tools;

– Online Learning Communities: from Personal to Social Learning Environments.


Doctoral Consortium
Sapo Campus Schools: Network Learning, Teaching and People;

– Diverse Knowledge Practices through Personal Learning Environments – A theoretical Framework

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Acerca de Félix Val

Soy saxofonista y maestro de música en el CEIP Antonio Beltrán Martínez de Zaragoza. En los ratos que me quedan libres también exploro la web 2.0, soy usuario de redes sociales, ejerzo de curador contenidos, formador TIC, y no se cuantas cosas más...

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